Steps You Should Take Before Filing for Divorce – Wired Parish Legal Newsletter

uation. In other words, you might not even have known your spouse was seeking divorce at all before finding out that the process already began without you. There are lots of online searches that say that “my husband was divorced.” Divorce in this situation will create specific challenges for the person filing for divorce. The majority of divorce attorneys will attempt to come up with a solution to help both parties reach an agreement.

A one party divorce is possible, however. The other person often just needs to state that you have irreconcilable problems or disagreements. This can often be enough for a court to decide to terminate a marriage. It is not necessary to accept that this has occurred. This may or may not be how someone imagines divorce. However, this may not apply to you.

Financial and marital issues should be discussed with your lawyer. Although the final outcome may be not perfect, it might be beneficial to talk with a skilled divorce lawyer following the beginning of the process.


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