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The hose clamp is located in all rooms in every room, from utility rooms to beneath our car hoods. When you need hose clamps, you might not know what kind to search for. That’s not the only reason Home Genie puts out valuable articles such as this. In their informative video they review some of the most commonly used and efficient styles of clamps for hoses.
There are a variety of hose clamps

There are six different kinds of hose clamps, which shown in the video. There are embossed clamps that are rounded to avoid damaging or cutting the water hose. Flexible hose clamps could include any type of hose clamps as they can be adjusted to some degree. Clamps made of worm gear can be used for plumbing use and have screws for adjustment.

When choosing a clamp that is right for you make sure you figure out what type of clamp will be most suitable for your project. It’s a good idea to talk to an expert such as a department head in your local hardware store. Or, defer to the more detailed videos of Home Genie. They offer great information covering a variety of home improvement subjects.


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